Mar 04

Super Fats Podcast #2


Warning: This podcast contains swearing.

Resources mentioned in the podcast:

* Dress for Success: Non-profit that provides interview clothing for the unemployed. Great place to donate plus-size work wear to.
* Danksin Now: workout clothing from Wal-Mart, up to a 5x (runs one size small, so more like 4x).
* Biking leggings: same brand as above.
* Junonia: Workout clothing, up to a 6x (no personal experience with this brand but have heard it runs large).
* We Love Colors: plus-sized tights and leggings.
* Flickr Fatshionista group
* Fatshionista LiveJournal group
* Autograph: Plus-sized clothing store based in Australia, up to a size 30 in Australian sizing.
* Why the Pictures Matter: Fabulous blog post about the importance of fat people documenting ourselves and our outfits.
* NoLose: the San Francisco Bay Area-based group that holds an annual “Cupcakes and Muffin Tops” fundraiser selling plus-sized clothing.


  1. Queen Roundy

    Good job ladies! Interesting, funny and you fixed the audio!

    Nicole, you have a very pretty voice girl, we wanna hear ya speaking your mind some more!
    I know ya’ll don’t wanna script the show but I still think there should be a moderator, just for the sake of everyone being able to contribute equally.

    1. Nicole

      While I do appreciate the thought, that isn’t the problem.

      It’s me. ;) It takes me a while to warm up. I’m sure it will improve in future episodes!

  2. Kath

    Queen Roundy I’m sure your intentions are good, but it’s not really your place to tell us how to run our own podcast.

    Nicole, Anna and I are all capable women, and rest assured that if we would like advice, we will actually ASK for it. Until then, we’re finding our feet with a format that suits us and our own personal style.

  3. Wendy

    Hello! I’ve enjoyed both of the podcasts so far, and I’m looking forward to the next one. Good luck!


  4. jen

    i used to be a “death fat” so i listened to this podcast after coming across nicole’s blog. everything you all said about clothes shopping had affected me a lot when i was 320 lbs+. i’m glad to see online the advent of more plus size clothing and “fatshionistas”. i think we all have a certain weight/size type that is our default so that doesn’t mean those who are heavier shouldn’t be in style. although i don’t wear plus sizes any more, i wanted to say i enjoyed this installment and look forward to more.

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