Feb 18

Super Fats Podcast #1


Warning: This podcast contains swearing.

Resources mentioned in the podcast:

* Dear Health Care Provider – Raising My Boychick
* Dr Linda Bacon’s Health at Every Size Excerpts and Downloads
* Hey Fat Chick by Awesome Frances
* Kelli Jean Drinkwater’s Documentary – Fierce Fat Femmes (The photo on this site is the photo I (Kath) saw of Kelli Jean that blew my mind that first time I saw it.)
* Another photo of Kelli Jean


  1. Queen Roundy

    Girls, you got a great name for a podcast. I like to consider myself a Super Fat Lady! Sexy, round, and fabulous! But Imma tell ya I was very disappointed with the big awkward silences. Ladies, you gotta script that sheez! or make an outline or somethin’. But all in all I gotta say great job fat sexy mammas!

  2. Kath

    Queen Roundy – I personally won’t be scripting. I’d prefer a natural pause than a forced script anytime. Plus we are recording across THREE timezones (and two continents) and three very different personality types. That’s what makes it real and open and honest.

    Personally, my most favourite podcasts are full of giggle fits, weird pauses, loud exclamations and other natural moments in a conversation.

    Keep listening, you’ll get used to the conversational style.

  3. Rebecca - theplussideofme

    Hi Nicole, Anna, and Kath,

    I wanted to let all of you know that I really enjoyed listening to the podcast. I giggled right along with you, and it was really great hearing how all of you got into fat acceptance. I knew nothing about it until about September last year, which is kind of embarrassing now since I am 23, but it’s the truth. I originally was just looking for fashion blogs, but I got so much more! I’m excited to hear more from all of you in future podcasts… and I REALLY would love a podcast about the hidden niceties of fatness :) .


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